Chief Financial Officer search for diversified farming and hospitality business in Fresno.
Written by 3P Partners

Oct 22, 2019 | Latest News | 0 comments

Chief Financial Officer search for diversified farming and hospitality business in Fresno.

Iconic family-owned farming, hospitality, and thoroughbred business with 800 employees in the Central Valley of California required a Chief Financial Officer to act as a strategic partner to the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, focused on improving efficiencies within their diverse portfolio and evaluating opportunities to support their continued growth.

3P Partners were tasked with identifying a CFO with a proven track record of reducing operating costs, and maximizing owner returns, while spearheading the transformation of a finance, accounting, IT, and HR organization.  Above all, 3P Partners focused on finding a candidate that was a great cultural fit — i.e. an individual familiar with large and complex family-run agricultural companies and tangible experience leading process-improvements while learning from tenured employees and fostering an atmosphere of knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

The search process concluded within three months.  3P Partners presented a shortlist of candidates with experience at comparable agricultural companies in California within four weeks.  Interviews commenced over the next few weeks before an offer was presented and accepted by a candidate by the end of August. The successful candidate had 13+ years of experience as a CFO at a large, privately-held citrus business with more than 30,000 acres, 6 packinghouses, and 3 cold storage facilities in California.

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