Interim CFO Placement – 10 day turnaround
Written by 3P Partners

Mar 22, 2016 | Education, Latest News | 0 comments


Pet food and food ingredients business with a subsidiary in Peru.



The 3P team have been working with the company for 15 months and have developed a deep knowledge of the business and their needs. On February 4, 2016 they called with a need to send a CFO down to Peru to improve their financial reporting, build a capital structure and implement a KPI dashboard.

Within 24 hours the 3P team searched their network of food production executive professionals and presented a candidate that had the desired qualifications. This fast turnaround was possible due to 3P’s ability to maintain strong relationships with candidates they have previously worked with, as this particular candidate had been in contact with the 3P team for over a year.


Day 1: 3P qualified the job and submitted a candidate who was selected to interview

Day 6: Onsite Interviews with CEO

Day 8: Offer / Acceptance

Day 10: Start Date


The company is excited to have closed the process so quickly and to have the candidate apply their specific skill sets to build a capital structure for their subsidiaries abroad.

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